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Lash Training

Lash Training

Become A Lash Specialist With MLASH

Learn how to do eyelash extensions from Mellie. Our 1 day Lash Extension training with Mellie will enable you with the knowledge and practical skills to become a lash specialist in as little as 1 day. No prior experience is required.


1 Day Lash Extension  Training With Mellie – $1,000

With an average price of $100 per client you can make your money back after 10 clients

Private training for small group (3 or more) available, ask for discounted rates. Train with your small group of friends or family*
*Lash Training will be in Orange, Connecticut


Each student will receive a Lash Kit that is enough for the first 20 clients

2 Boxes of Lash  (C .15 Size 8 – 15mm)
1 Bottle of Strong Adhesive
1 Bottle of Primer
2 Lash Tweezers
1 Roll of Micropore Tape
5 Gel Pads
5 Masks
1 Board
1 Scissor
Adhesive Holder
Lint Free Wands
Mascara Brushes


· how to pick up lashes

· how to pick up adhesive

· how to use proper tools

· how to control amount of adhesive

· how to deal with allergies

· how to cover lower lashes

· how to apply lashes to natural lashes on client

· how to do different styles ( Cat Eye, Natural look , Central look)

· how to remove eyelashes extension off of real lashes.


How many students are in each class?

There will be a maximum of 7 students per class. We offer small class sizes to keep the focus on you and helping you achieve the knowledge and skills to become a lash specialist.

What type of license will I need?

Currently, Connecticut does not require a license to do eyelash extensions. If you are outside of Connecticut, you can check with your state board or health department.

Do you offer any support after the class is over?

Yes! We offer a one year support. Feel free to contact us via email or Facebook message if you have any questions or concerns. We also have a Facebook group exclusively for our students where students can show off their work, ask questions, and get answers from each other and Mellie.

I don’t have any experience in eyelash extensions. Is it possible to learn it in 1 day?

Absolutely! You will learn the fundamentals and will be able to do the apply the false eyelashes. However, practice makes perfect.

Will I be licensed after this class?

You’ll receive a certificate of completion from our class. However, you will need to contact your local county health department for licensing in your area. Every county has different requirements for lash specialist. Connecticut, currently does not require a license to do eyelash extensions.

What are the hours?

Classes are from 10am-5pm for one day.

What is included in the price of the class?

A Lash Kit will be included. This kit will enable the student to work on their first 20 clients. After the class, students will also receive a certificate of attendance. 

Will I be working on Live Model?

Yes! You will be able to practice on a live model under Mellie’s supervision.

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